Starting this week, my independent study officially started. The purpose of my independent study is to ‘complete’ the Penetration Testing with Kali Course. Obviously following that, I will attempt the OSCP. Throughout the first part of the week I begun by setting up my environment and watched Ippsec’s hackthebox walkthroughs and followed along on the retired machines. I learned about a lot of interesting tools such as wfuzz and got more experience using tmux which is extremely helpful for staying organized (VPN, scans, etc get cluttered very quickly if you aren’t using tmux). Last night I received an email from offsec stating my lab time has started and also got links to download the course contents. I started watching the included videos, but time was limited due to the holiday weekend and being out of state with no internet access. Once I get back, my goal for next week is to get through the first two sections of the PWK syllabus and get situated with the course.

Also, next week is Grrcon, so I will be attending that. There is a ‘Kali Linux Dojo’ workshop I registered for, so I am really looking forward to that.