Ios Development

Having graduated, I am waiting for work to start in August so I don’t have much to do. I made a list of ideas for side projects and I decided to start with making a better system for ordering liquor. Currently, the process of ordering liquor in the state of Michigan is quite tedious. It involves logging into a site with a horrible UI and manuall...

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Oscp Experience

My OSCP Experience My Background (Skip if you are only interested in OSCP content) Around two years ago, I was still unsure of what I wanted to do as a job. While I enjoyed programming, I realized that software development was not for me and did not want to do it every day of my life. After some research, I found a community called misec, which ...

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Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts Probably one of the most interesting features of iOS12 was the release of Siri Shorcuts. Siri shortcuts allow you to basically make your own scripts. Initially, I was not expecting much since Apple is usually strict on accessing parts of the OS. To my surprise, after looking into it more today, you have the ability to turn your Wi...

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